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Letter from the Yesod Ha'avoda - Father of the Slonim Dynasty  Addressed

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Letter from the Yesod Ha’avoda – Father of the Slonim Dynasty 

Addressed to His Chassidim in Tveria;  1878

Holy letter handwritten by the Yesod Ha’avoda of Slonim, addressed to the leaders of the Slonim
kollel in Tveria.

His letter is replete with words of blessing and love as he asks about the welfare of his followers in Tveria and their families.

Rabbi Avraham Weinberger of Slonim (1804 – 1883) was the first Admor of the Slonim Chassidus. He was born in Pinsk and studied under Rabbi Mordechai Noach of Lechovitch and Rabbi Moshe of Kobrin. A tremendous Torah scholar, he stood at the helm of the Slonim yeshiva and served as Admor of thousands of followers. He authored Yesod Ha’avoda and others
1 leaf | 16 x 16 cm | Good condition