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Signature and Glosses from Illustrious Rabbi Chizkiya da Silva, Author of the

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Signature and Glosses from Illustrious Rabbi Chizkiya da Silva, Author of the Famed Pri Chadash

Chidushei Harashba on Tractate Gittin, Venice 1523

Holy handwritten signature [cropped] of the Pri Chadash on the title page of
sefer Chiddushei Harashba, along with several handwritten glosses. The last page boasts a signature from his son, Rabbi David da Silva, who brought his father’s work to print.
The handwriting and signature are identical to handwriting of the Pri Chadash seen elsewhere.
The Pri Chadash references the words of the Rashba on Gittin many times throughout his
sefer. This first edition copy, published by Daniel Bomberg in Venice, 1523, is the very copy used by Rabbi Chizkiya to study and compose his treatise.

Rabbi Chizkiya da Silva was celebrated and praised for his remarkable
sefer Pri Chadash by the greatest of the
Besides for his greatness in revealed matters of Torah, the holy Chida attested that he was fluent in the works of the Ar"i and wrote deep Kabbalistic novellae on Talmud based on the Ar"i’s introductions; compositions that Rabbi Chizkiya instructed remain hidden.

There are also additional signatures and glosses from:
Rabbi Yitzchak da Castro: Son of Rabbi Yaakov, rabbinical leader of Egypt in the 1500’s. His signature can be found on page 2a.
Avraham: Seemingly the son of Rabbi Yitzchak da Castro. (
Sefer Erech Lechem by Rabbi Yaakov da Castro contains glosses from him.)
Rabbi Akiva Lundis: An Egyptian scholar. There are several glosses from him as well as his signature on the title page.

134 leaves | 23 cm | Professionally restored margins of title page and other pages, restored holes, cropped signature | New leather binding