Genazym 18
A Celebration Catalog
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Lot : 1

Zithomir Shas
Beautiful Impressive Set
Complete 20 Volume
  Original leather binding.                                 …

Lot : 2

Mishnayos Zera’im


Venice, 1521
Over 500 years old.                            Mishnayos seder Zera’im…

Lot : 3

Maseches Eduyos
First edition
Venice 1521
  Over 500 years old                               …

Lot : 4

Hagahos Maharshal
First Edition
Cracow, 1582
    Sefer Yesod!         Complete.           Rare.   Chochmas Shlomo on the Shas by…

Lot : 5

Singular Edition
Damesek Eliezer
Lublin, 1646
    Novellae and explanations on the entire Tractate Chulin, by Rabbi Eliezer Ashkenazi, Av Beis Din and Rosh Mesivta…

Lot : 6

Monumental Siddur
15th Century Prayer Book

Manuscript on Parchment

Over 900 pages.  Exquisite 15th Century Manuscript, of the order of prayers according to the custom of the Italian Jews…

Lot : 7

Siddur with Kavanos of the Arizal.
Zolkova, 1781.
 The First Siddur Nusach Sefard [Chassidic]
  “One who puts his heart to pray from this siddur…his prayer will not return empty-handed” (Title page of Siddur)…

Lot : 8


Siddur Nusach Sefard [Chassidic]


Yas 1843


Magnificent copy with wide margins
            A very rare Siddur. Year-round nusach Sefard - Chasiddish Siddur with commentaries and instructions. …

Lot : 9

Beautiful Tanach
2 volumes.
  Beautiful printed Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim with large letters and wide margins.   Printed in Paris between 1539-1543 by…

Lot : 10

Chamisha Chumshei Torah - Tikun Sofrim
Amsterdam, 1726
Six Artistic title pages on Parchment.
  Magnificent set of Chamisha Chumshei Torah - Tikun Sofrim, Amsterdam, 1726 Chamisha Chumshei Torah with Haftarot - in six…

Lot : 11

Chamisha Chumshei Torah

Precisely Edited by the

'Minchas Shai'

Mantua 1742
  The most precise edition of the Torah.  Chamisha Chumshei Torah, the five Megillos, and the haftoros according to the…

Lot : 12

Very Rare Kushta Print

“Canizal”    Commentaries on Rash”i


Kushta - Constantinople, 1525

  Four early commentaries on the commentary of Rash’i on the Torah.                 …

Lot : 13

3 Important Medieval Works
Kushta Reish
Constantinople 1515
Pesach Devari / Pisron Chalomos / Maaseh Torah. Kushta 1515 Three early sefarim printed together in one book. 1] Pesach…

Lot : 14

Extremely Rare!
Kesef Nivchar
Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto The First
Damascus, 1605
  Essays, commentary and novella on the Torah portions of Bereishis, Shmos and Vayikrah by the saintly kabbalist and Rav…

Lot : 15

Sefer Yesod
Mantua, 1514
First Edition
  Sefer Tanya - Halachos and Minhagim for the whole year by Rabbi Yechiel son of Rabbi Yekutiel Anav from…

Lot : 16

Tur with the Bach’s Commentary
Complete Four Volume Set.
First Edition
Cracow, 1631-1640
  The Four volumes of the Tur with Bayis Chodosh the great commentary of Rabbi Yoel Sirkis Ab”d of Cracow,…

Lot : 17

Original signature of the holy Bach

Rabbi Yoel Sirkis

Cracow 1629

      A lengthy halachic fundamental teshuvah from the great gaon Rabbi Yoel Sirkis the Bac”h concluded with his…

Lot : 18


Sefer Yesod

Derisha and Perisha on Yoreh Deah and Even HaEzer
First Edition Lublin 1635-1638
  Sefer Derisha and Perisha on Tur Yoreh Deah and Even Ha’ezer by Rabbi Yehoshua Falk Katz, author of the…

Lot : 19

Fascinating First Time Discovery!

100 Handwritten Hagaos
Written by The 
Tosfos Yom Tov.
Sefer Toras Chatos by the Rema - Cracow, 1591 with approximately 100 handwritten glosses on the margins. Written in the…

Lot : 20

Important Discovery
Manuscript of Chidushim from 
Rabbi Yehonoson Eibishitz
written by his Talmid. 
Metz 1750
Important manuscript of Chidushei Torah by Rabbi Yehonoson Eibishitz author of Urim VeTumim and Yearos Devash, with never-before- published material…

Lot : 21

Manuscript. Chidushim from the ‘Noda Beyehuda'
 written by his Talmid during his lifetime.

  Manuscript. Chidushim on Shas by Rabbi Yechezkel Landau, the ‘Noda Beyehuda' written by his Talmid during his lifetime.  …

Lot : 22

Sacred Letter from the
Chasam Sofer 
Pressburg  1837
   ‘May Hashem have mercy on us and quickly bring us home from exile’   Autographed and Handwritten Letter  By…

Lot : 23

Pri Eitz Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital
Russia, 1779
Unknown version with kabbalistic hagaoss
  Kabbalistic intentions for week-day prayers.                             …

Lot : 24

Kabbalah Manuscript
Sefer Kanfei Yona
Teachings from the Ar”i

Lanzburg 1732
Impressive manuscript with illustrated title page

  Sefer Kanfei Yona - from the basics of Kabbalah books written by the Talmidim of the Ar”i Z”l -…

Lot : 25

Kushta Raish
The Attributes of Hashem
Shaar Hashem Hachadash.
Singular Edition.
 Constantinople, 1533
  Descriptions of the names and titles of Hashem, their essence and meanings by Chacham Rabbi Shlomo Almoli. Rabbi Shlomo…

Lot : 26

The Ba’al Shem Tov
& his greatest student's teachings
Darchei Yesharim
First Edition
Zolkva, 1794
    An early and exceptionally rare Chassidic Sefer The well-known commentary of Baal Shem Tov on Mizmor 107 in…

Lot : 27

Avodas Yisroel by the
Kozhnitzer Maggid
First Edition.
Yozapof, 1842

Rare printing with wide margins.

  Sefer Avodas Yisroel by the Holy Kozhnitzer Maggid - Rabbi Yisroel Hopstein Zt”l from the yesodos of Sifrei Chassidus.…

Lot : 28

Very Rare Chassidic Pamphlet

Completions to the holy sefer 'Ateres Tiferes Yisroel' - Odessa, 1868

  Known throughout the diaspora is the holiness and segulah of the sefer Ateres Tiferes Yisroel by Rabbi Israel Harif…

Lot : 29

Ateres Tzvi on the Zohar by the
Admor Rabbi Tzvi Hersh of ‎Ziditchov
First Edition. Lemberg, 1834-1841‎
Complete 3 volumes Set
    A complete set of illuminating commentary on the Sefer Hazohar by the “Sar Beis Hazohar” the Admor Rabbi…

Lot : 30

Segulah for banei, chayei u’mezonei!
Children, life & prosperity!

Kabbalistic Teachings Handwritten by the
Holy Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Ziditchov
On this large page from Midrash Rabbah on Shir HaShirim, Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Ziditchov wrote with his holy hands…

Lot : 31

Long letter by
Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke
of Selish 1864
  Long letter of chidushei Torah spanning on two whole pages written in the holy hands of the holy Gaon…

Lot : 32

Response in Halacha signed by the holy hand of
Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum
author of 'Yitav Lev'
Sigat 1878
  Response in Halacha on topics from Even Haezer with the signature in the hand of the holy Baal Yitav…

Lot : 33

The Rebbe's
Komarna Chumashim
  Chumash Heichal Habracha Personal Copy of Rabbi Yoel of Satmar Komarna Chumashim Particularly Cherished by the Admor of Satmar…

Lot : 34

 'Al HaGeula v’Al HaTemura'
handwritten by Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar
    "And Hashem shall help and assist you in wholesome prayers in the Bais Haknesses and Bais Hamedrash where…

Lot : 35

An invitation letter signed by the
Admor Rabbi Yochanan of Rachmastrivka the First
son of the holy Rabbi Mordechai of Chernobyl
  An invitation letter signed by the founder of the Rachmastrivka dynasty, the holy Rabbi Yochanan Twersky, son of the…

Lot : 36

Letter full of blessings from
Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak of Biala
First of the Biala dynasty. 1886
  A letter of greetings for the new year, signed by the holy hand of the first Admor of Biala,…

Lot : 37

Letter of Blessings, by the
Admor Rabbi Noson Dovid of Partsov
Biala 1900
  Letter with inspiring encouragement and blessings for healing, written entirely by the Admor Rabbi Natan David Rabinowitz of Partsov.…

Lot : 38

Historic Letter from
Rabbi Yisroel Salanter
Founder of the Mussar Movement. Memel, 1861
  Letter from Rabbi Yisroel Salanter and Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Meizel Rabbi of Lodz to Rabbi Zvi Binyamin Auerbach Rabbi…

Lot : 39

The 'Chazon Ish’s Handwritten
Instructions for Building Mikvaos
  A large page in the handwriting of Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz, author of 'Chazon Ish', with detailed instructions listed…

Lot : 40

Pamphlet on Chazon Ish 
Handwritten by the Steipler
    A lengthy pamphlet spanning 5 pages on the topic of Shiurim In Halacha, the method of measuring the…

Lot : 41

 Fascinating discovery!
 Declaration by the Bais Yosef
Alshich, and Tzfas Rabbonim
    Meor Einayim - Mantua 1574 with  Declaration Banning Sefer Meor Einayim  by the Bais Yosef, Alshich, and Tzfas Rabbonim…

Lot : 42

Beautifully Illustrated
Mashal HaKadmoni
Venice 1547
Dozens of Drawings!
Mashal HaKadmoni a mussar sefer from the times of the Rishonim composed of traditional parables          …

Lot : 43

Sefer Yesod
Nishmas Chaim
First Edition
Amsterdam, 1651
Portrait of the Author
Rabbi Menashe ben Israel
Distinguished rare copy.                                   …

Lot : 44

of the Famed Mekubal
Rabbi Yehuda Fetaya

Passport of Rabbi Yehuda Fetaya, the famed mekubal, used by him when he moved to Eretz Yisrael, complete with his…

Lot : 45

Jerusalem History
Huge Collection of Invitations to Celebrations and Events 
  A very extensive collection including over 230 printed letters and invitation cards for various celebrations and public events from…

Lot : 46

The Rabbi's Blessing

 Sir Frederic William Burton (1816-1900)

  Watercolor on board 54 x 67 cm (21 x 26 inches) Signed and dated top right: Fred W. Burton,…
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