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Venice, 1566

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Venice, 1566
Fundamental sefer on prayers and Jewish customs
Commentary on prayers and blessings; versions and customs of prayer; and laws of prayers and blessings by Rabbi David Avudraham.
Sefer Avudraham is the foundational work on the customs and sources of prayers; formula of prayers; and laws of prayers and blessings. “The majority of customs of prayers and blessings are built on his sefer” (Noda B’Yehuda in his approbation to the Prague, 1784 edition).
Rabbi David Avudraham was born in Seville, Spain, and is thought to be a disciple of Rabbeinu Yaakov Baal Haturim. In the chapter on calculating the calendar, and at the end of the sefer, the Avudraham attests that he authored this sefer in the year 1340.
Venice, 1566. Page Count: 147 leaves.
Page Size: 20 cm.
Condition: Good with minor stains. Attractive new green leather binding with gilded engravings.
Last page features a long, neat list of owners from the year 1613 and is signed “Naftali Tzvi bar Chaim”.
The printer’s emblem of Zorzo de Kabali, which depicts an elephant carrying a steeple with soldiers inside, appears in the title page margin, alongside the Latin phrase Tarde sed tuto, (slowly, but surely) (Yaari, Diglei Hamadpisim HaIvriim p. 136).
Bibliography: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #250, Comments
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