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Haggadah with Commentary
Ma'ase Hashem 
First Edition. Venice, 1583 

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Haggadah with Commentary
Ma’ase Hashem 
First Edition. Venice, 1583 

Commentary on Passover Haggadah by Harav Eliezer Ashkenazy.


Sefer Maase Hashem – elaborates and describes the stories mentioned in the Torah, divided into four parts: Story of Bereishis, Story of Avos,
Story of Egypt (includes the Haggadah) and Story of Torah.
Rabbi Eliezer Ashkenazy HaRofeh (Italy, 1513-Cracow, 1586) was the son of Rabbi Eliyahu Ashkenazi, son-in-law of the Maharik. A prolific author who was “one of the only ones in his generation that all the geniuses of his era sent their letters with shailos and teshuvos to him” (approbation of P’nei Yehoshua to the sefer Yosef Lekach, Fürth Edition). He corresponded in halachah with the Beis Yosef, Rema, Maharshal and Bach.
Rabbi Eliezer Ashkenazy was the proverbial wandering Jew. He studied first in the yeshivah in Salonika and then served as a dayan in Egypt during the era of the Radbaz and Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazy. From there, he immigrated to Italy and then to Prague. Returning to Italy, he left again when he was appointed Av Beis Din of Posen and eventually Rosh Yeshivah of Cracow.
Venice, 1583. First Edition [6]. 197 leaves. Page size: 28 cm. Water stains on first few pages, tears on margins of last 2 pages, antique owner’s signature on title page, Good condition.
Olive green leather binding.
Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #453; Otzar Hahaggados #30

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