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Maseches Purim 
Venice, 1552 
Chayav Inish L’vsumei B’Puraya


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Maseches Purim 
Venice, 1552 
Chayav Inish L’vsumei B’Puraya


Maseches Purim A humoristic and comical composition for reading on Purim, written in the style of the Mishnah and Gemara, “in order to gladden the hearts of people on Purim, ” by Rabbi Klonimus ben Rabbi Klonimus, author of Even Bochen.
Written poetically (with impressive knowledge and fluency) in the style of the Mishnah and Gemara
Megillas Starim humoristic composition for Purim written in the same style as the language of the Tanach; attributed to the Ralbag.
Rabbi Klonimus wrote at the end: “Why does this Masechta end with Perek Ein Korin? Because it is only read at a time that is neither day nor night, since it was only written in jest to gladden the people on the day of Purim…the words of this Masechta were composed by me, Klonimus…”
The well-known song, Kichlos Yeini, (when my wine is finished) attributed to Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabirol, which was sung in some congregations at the Purim seudah, is printed on the title page verso.
This copy of Maseches Purim is without the composition Chavakbuk Hanavi, which appears in some of the well-known copies, with its own title page.
Chacham Rabbi Klonimus ben Rabbi Klonimus ben Rabbi Meir Hanassi (1286-1328) was born in Provence. Word of his genius and wisdom in languages reached the royal court, and he was invited by the monarch to translate books.
His famous work Even Bochen is replete with Mussar lessons for his generation and a description of the wonders of Hashem’s. It was first printed in Naples in 1489.
Venice, 1552. 35 leaves. Page size: 14 cm. Minor professional restoration of a few pages, new leather binding. Exceptionally rare.


Bibliography: See Habermann, Areshes Hashem pp. 136-144 regarding Maseches Purim in its varying editions.

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