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Tzava’as Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid. First Edition.


Sefer Shimush Tehillim 

Sabbioneta, 1551

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Tzava’as Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid. First Edition.


Sefer Shimush Tehillim 

Sabbioneta, 1551

This sefer includes 2 works printed together in Sabbioneta, 1551. Both works are first editions

1)Sefer Shimush Tehillim attributes unique powers to each perek of Tehillim assigning each particular perek to be recited according to specific circumstances, for instance Perek 4 to be recited for success in business; Perek 6 to relieve suffering from eye disease; Perakim 102,103 to be blessed with children; Perek 118 for success in court; and Perek 139 for shalom bayis. Many ancient segulos and shemiros for health, protection and more are derived from this sefer.

Shimush Tehillim is an ancient sefer which the Rashba references in his teshuvos (part 1, topic 413) and describes as “accepted by all Gedolei Yisrael.” (The Chida mentions the value of Shimush Tehillim in Shem Hagedolim) and there are those who maintain that it was authored by Rabbi Hai Gaon (Zera Berach; Hama’alos Shlomo; in Rav Pe’alim by Rabbi Avraham ben HaGra p. 130).

This composition was later widely disseminated and printed inside many sifrei Tehillim as an introduction to each perek. This was its first printing and is an exceedingly rare sefer.

 2) Tzava’as Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid

The famous Tzava’ah of Rabbi Yehudah HaChassid lists mysterious commands and unique customs, delivered as instructions in the will of one of the greatest Ashkenazic Rishonim.

There are several versions of this tzava’ah in print and manuscript form, lending particular importance to this version which was the first one to be printed. (Many bibliographers and researchers who worked with this tzava’ah were unaware of this rare printing).


Rabbi Yehuda Hachassid (d. circa 1215/7) was one of the great early Rishonim of Ashkenaz, He authored sefarim on virtually every realm and subject in the Torah, and for over 800 years, Torah luminaries throughout the generations have drawn from his wisdom and genius. His landmark sefarim , Sefer Hachassidim and Tzava’as Rabbi Yehuda Hachassid (which he wrote to his children) are among the most famous of his written legacy and are studied and valued by all Ashkenazic Jewry. Among his noteworthy disciples were the authors of the Rokeach and Ohr Zaruah.



Rabbi Yehuda Hachassid passed away on Shabbos Zachor, although there is controversy regarding the year, and whether the date fell on 13 Adar, 4575 (1215) or 9 Adar, 4577 (1217).


Sabbioneta, 1551. The colophon at the end states: “Completed on the sixth day of the month of Marcheshvan, 1551.” [16] leaves.  Size 13.5*9.5 CM



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