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Maseches Shekalim 

Daniel Bomberg Press 

Venice, 1527

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Maseches Shekalim 

Daniel Bomberg Press 

Venice, 1527

Maseches Shekalim with Talmud Yerushalmi and the Rambam’s commentary.

The Mishnayos of each perek are printed with the commentary of the Rambam, followed by the Talmud Yerushalmi for that perek.

 Venice, 1527. 14 Leaves. Good condition. This is the second edition of Bomberg’s Venetian printing of the Talmud.



The last page features an introduction by Rabbi Yosef ben Alfual, who translated the Rambam’s commentary on Mishnah Seder Moed. The preface appears here since the printing of this tractate completes the Bomberg Shas edition of Seder Moed.



Bomberg Shas

The entire Talmud Bavli was first printed by Daniel Bomberg in Venice between the years 1519-1523. This first printing incorporated important additions from handwritten manuscripts and was nearly uncensored. It was a high quality and beautiful printing that became the template for all further printings of the Talmud.

This second edition included the page number and the name of the tractate on the left corner, which then became the standard for all further printings of the Talmud.

It was the Venetian Shas that established for all generations the Gemara’s page format, as well as the number of pages in each tractate. When someone cites a daf Gemara today, he references the page according to the layout of the Bomberg’s edition.

Rabbi Rephael Nosson Nutta Rabinowitz, an expert on printings of the Talmud, said that the Bomberg printing, “… was magnificent in both its form and appearance, used beautiful paper and clear black letters… and none of the printings that followed it were as beautiful” (Maamar Al Hadpasas Hatalmud, p. 41).

[sources: Stefansky Sifrei Yesod, p. 18 and in the appendix p. 168]


Yerushalmi Shekalim integrated into Talmud Bavli

The Meiri wrote in his introduction to Maseches Shekalim, “… it does not have a Gemara Bavli, only a Gemara Yerushalmi.” However, already during the times of the Geonim, the Talmud Yerushalmi on Maseches Shekalim had become inseparable from the Talmud Bavli. (Manuscript of this tractate appears in the well-known Munich Manuscript of the Talmud Bavli.) Since then the Yerushalmi Shekalim has been studied along the Talmud Bavli. Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin included it into the Daf Hayomi cycle of the Talmud Bavli.




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