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Lot : 81

Rare! Autographed Postcard by the Admor Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar Following His Miraculous Rescue from the Nazis


Switzerland, 1945

  “I am praying for you and your family.” This rare letter features his autograph signature ידידו ד"ש ת"ה באה"ר…

Lot : 82

Siddur Imrei Lev. Translated to French. Impressive copy!


Paris-Strasbourg, Circa 1860

  Siddur Imrei Lev - contains prayers for the entire year translated into French with several words in Hebrew. Printed…

Lot : 83

Magnificent Set
Year-Round Machzor
Amsterdam, 1781
  Year-round machzor in Ashkenazic-Polish rite, the title page proclaims “such [quality] has not yet been seen in compact machzorim.”…

Lot : 84

Tefillos HaMoadim - Tortoise shell binding!
Amsterdam, 1726
  Spectacular museum piece! Order of prayers for Shalosh Regalim, Succos-Simchas Torah, Pesach and Shavuot, in Sephardic rite. The sefer…

Lot : 85

Siddur HaShl”a
First Edition. Amsterdam, 1717
  “There is no doubt that the prayers of one who prays from this siddur will not be returned unanswered”…

Lot : 86

Eishes Chayil. Miniature Anthology of Prayers and Laws for Women
Livorno, 1753
    Collection of prayers and entreaties for women, complemented by Laws and ethics for Jewish women in Spanish by…

Lot : 87

Illustrated Venice Haggadah with Italian Translation


Venice, 1740

  One of most beautiful illustrated Haggadahs of all time!   Passover Haggadah with dozens of breathtaking illustrations, woodcuts and…

Lot : 88

Passover Haggadah with Copper Engravings  
& Large Map of Eretz Yisrael
Metz, 1767
  Beautiful copy!   Illustrated Passover Haggadah with commentaries by the Alshich, Maharal of Prague and Kli Yakar, along with…

Lot : 89

Spectacular Copper-Engraved Miniature Sefiras Haomer


Nitra, 1834

Only 9 cm! Judaica Masterpiece Beautiful one-of-a-kind printed Sefiras Haomer. Measuring only 9 cm, this treasure was fashioned with dozens…

Lot : 90

Handwritten Essay by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

  A handwritten essay in German with several quotes in lashon hakodesh by the venerable German Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch.…

Lot : 91

Book of Euclid
Hague, 1780

Printed at the Instruction 
of the Vilna Gaon.
  Complete copy autographed by the author with all charts included! Foundations of geometry by the ancient Greek Mathematician Euclid…

Lot : 92

Luxurious print of: 
Nefesh Hachaim. Vilna, 1824

Safra D’Tzniusa. Vilna, 1820
  The Vilna Gaon / Rav Chaim of Volozhin Magnificent copies of the Gra and Reb Chaim Volozhin’s landmark sefarim.…

Lot : 93

Long Letter of Chiddushei Torah by the Netziv of Volozhin

  “Hashem shall illuminate our eyes and open our hearts with the light of his Torah” Double-sided handwritten and autographed…

Lot : 94

Rabbi Yosef Zundel Salant’s 

Handwritten Tzavaah (will) to His Children

  Handwritten last will and testament of Rabbi Yosef Zundel Salant to his children. In his will, he specifies the…

Lot : 95

Handwritten Letter by 
Rabbi Yisrael Salanter
    Handwritten Letter by Rabbi Yisrael Salanter together with Rabbi Yosef Feimer, Av Beis Din of Slutsk. 1858  …

Lot : 96

Exceedingly Rare! Letter by the Alter of Slabodka Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel. Slabodka


  Handwritten and autographed letter of blessing by the Alter of Slabodka Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel to Rabbi Yeshaya Dov…

Lot : 97

From Radin to New Jersey…
Letter with the 
Chofetz Chaim’s Autograph
Radin, 1929
  An urgent appeal by the Chofetz Chaim to the Jewish community of Trenton, New Jersey, on behalf of the…

Lot : 98

Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman’s Famous Letter
Baranowitz, 1937
    This famous letter was penned by Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman Hy”d to Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer in Jerusalem.  …

Lot : 99

Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah with Autographs and Glosses by Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Karelitz,   
Father of the Chazon Ish
Vilna, 1880
  Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah which belonged to Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Karelitz, Av Beis Din of Kossova his autograph appears…

Lot : 100

Landmark Handwritten Ruling by the 
Chazon Ish
Regarding Non Cholov-Yisroel Cheese
Bnei Brak, 1945
  handwritten halachic ruling by the Chazon Ish regarding gvinas nachri (cheese produced by gentiles), a controversial issue that arose…

Lot : 101

Letter by 
Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevitz  
Regarding Yeshivas Mir Shanghai, 1943
    Rare!  Long Handwritten & Autographed Letter by Rabbi ChaimShmuelevitz Regarding Yeshivas Mir in Shanghai. Shanghai, 1943   A…

Lot : 102

Important Letter by
Rabbi Aharon Kotler  
London, 1959
  Long, important letter by Rabbi Aharon Kotler to Rabbi Elchanan Sorotzkin replete with fascinating information and history. The letter…

Lot : 103

“He rescued Torah in our generation!”
Letter by  
Rabbi Avraham Kalmanowitz
Tiktin. 1937
    Handwritten & Autographed Letter by Rabbi Avraham Kalmanowitz Regarding His Yeshivah in Tiktin. 1937   Handwritten and autographed…

Lot : 104

Letter by Rabbi  
Tzvi Hirsh Grodzinski, Av Beis Din of Omaha
Nebraska. 1922
  Handwritten and autographed letter by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Grodzinski, Av Beis Din of Omaha, Nebraska .   In this…

Lot : 105

Descriptive Geography of Palestine by Joseph Schwartz
Philadelphia, 1850
  This book was translated from its original Hebrew title Tevu’os Ha’aretz into English by Rabbi Isaac Leeser.  Rabbi Joseph…

Lot : 106

First halachic shailah sent from Europe to Americas!
Oros Hamitzvos. Beautiful copy!
Amsterdam, 1753
    Commentary, explanations and chiddushim on the sources and reasons for the mitvzos, along with Shu”t Emek Binyamin by…

Lot : 107

Takanos Chevra Kaddisha of Amsterdam. 1776
Printed on Parchment
  Important sefer detailing the policies and rules of the chevra kaddisha of the  Ashkenaz community in Amsterdam  , printed…

Lot : 108

Studying the Talmud
Mozart Rottmann. Hungary, 1874 - c1950
    Oil on canvas. 60.2 x 70.2 cm., signed lower/right: Rottmann M     Mozart Rottmann (Hungary, 1874-c1950) Hungarian…
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