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Luxurious print of: 
Nefesh Hachaim. Vilna, 1824

Safra D’Tzniusa. Vilna, 1820

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Luxurious print of: 
Nefesh Hachaim. Vilna, 1824

Safra D’Tzniusa. Vilna, 1820
The Vilna Gaon / Rav Chaim of Volozhin
Magnificent copies of the Gra and Reb Chaim Volozhin’s landmark sefarim. Both were printed on high-quality thick paper with extra-wide margins and gilded edges, originally bound together in a beautiful leather binding.
These sefarim appear to have been printed in a special format to allow for annotations in the margins.
Nefesh Hachaim by Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin


Nefesh Hachaim by Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, prime disciple of the Vilna Gaon and renowned Rosh Yeshivah of the Volozhin Yeshivah, contain fundamentals of the Torah and avodas Hashem based on the Revealed and Hidden Torah. The present first edition was brought to print in Vilna and Horodna in 1824 by Rabbi Chaim’s son and successor, Rabbi Itzele of Volozhin. In his introduction, Rabbi Itzele praises his father and recounts his life story.
The Brisker Rav described Nefesh Hachaim as “The Shulchan Aruch on [Jewish] philosophy and faith.” Lithuanian Jews regard this sefer as encompassing all fundamental teachings of the Vilna Gaon regarding avodas Hashem, limud Torah, essence of prayer, and fulfillment of mitzvos. It swiftly gained repute as the fundamental source of Hashkafa in the yeshiva world.
Vilna, Horodna, 1824. First edition. [6], 17:10, 8, [1]: 4, 17 leaves. Page size: 28 cm. Both sefarim bound together. Restored binding.

Stefansky Sifrei Yesod #478

Safra D’Tzniusa with Commentary by Vilna Gaon. First Edition. Vilna-Horodna, 1820


Safra D’Tzniusa is a kabbalistic sefer described as the “Foundation to all the teachings of the holy Zohar” with “in-depth commentary of every essay, and practically each and every word” by the Vilna Gaon.
The Radal highly commended his work on the sefer and wrote, “This is a singular work that is praiseworthy, arranged and collected precisely, with each section in its proper place” (Aliyos Eliyahu).
The sefer begins with a lengthy foreword by Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin. This preface is one of the most famous descriptions of the Vilna Gaon, his holiness and path in the wisdom of kabbalah.
Vilna-Horodna, 1820. First edition. [6], 59, [3] leaves. Page size: 22.5 cm. Wide margins.
Stefansky Sifrei Yesod #334
 The flyleaf of this sefer was switched for a new one, yet the old one remains and was attached to the present copy. It bears the handwritten inscription of none other than the tzaddik of Yerushalayim Rabbi Aryeh Levin and records his purchase of the sefer in 1928. It also contains several glosses in his delicate handwriting at the beginning of Safra D’Tzniusa.
Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #478
These sefarim are both remarkably striking in their beauty and condition!
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