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First Bomberg Edition!

Talmud Bavli Maseches Yevamos

Venice, 1522

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First Bomberg Edition!

Talmud Bavli Maseches Yevamos

Venice, 1522


Maseches Yevamos with Rashi and Tosfos. Complete volume from the original Bomberg Edition of the Talmud printed by the celebrated Italian printer Daniel Bomberg of Venice.

This edition was the first to include the rulings of the Tosfos and Rosh and commentary of the Rambam at the end of the Gemara.

Beautiful, high-quality print with dark ink on thick paper.

Venice, 1522. Daniel Bomberg Press. 113, 112-113, 115-130, 20 [2] leaves. Size, condition

Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #41


The Bomberg Shas – Prototype for All Future Gemaras

The first complete set of Talmud Bavli was printed by Daniel Bomberg in his famed printing house in Venice between the years 1520-1523. The complete set was a masterpiece, with attractive, clear type and practically free of censorship. It likewise contained new additions that were printed for the first time ever based on handwritten manuscripts.

Commonly regarded as the prototype for all future editions, the Venice Shas established the famous tzuras hadaf which fixed the number of pages in each tractate and served as the basis for all future printings of the Gemara. Until this very day, anyone who cites a source in Shas references the daf as established in Bomberg’s Venice Shas.

Rabbi Refael Nosson Notta Rabinowitz, world-acclaimed expert on the various editions of Talmud, writes, “In its format and appearance, this Talmud is the epitome of beauty and glory. The paper is fine, and the letters are dark and clear… No subsequent editions have approached its beauty” (Essay on the Printing of the Talmud p. 41).

Bibliography: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod p. 18; Appendix p. 168



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