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Pamphlet of Chiddushei Torah Handwritten by the 
Ksav Sofer
Pressburg, 1862

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Pamphlet of Chiddushei Torah Handwritten by the 
Ksav Sofer
Pressburg, 1862
A complete, 11-sided pamphlet all written by the holy hand of Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, Av Beis Din of Pressburg and author of Ksav Sofer.
The kuntress features the Ksav Sofer’s handwritten chidushim on sections of Maseches Kesubos delivered in the Yeshivah of Pressburg during the summer of 1862 in which he frequently references teachings from his father the Chasam Sofer.
 The Ksav Sofer Harav Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer (1815-1873) succeeded his father the Chasam Sofer as Av Beis Din of Pressburg. He “Stepped into our father’s shoes completely, and did not deviate one iota from his ways… His glow enveloped him the whole day, and his ruach hakodesh lived on within him. The Hand of Hashem was known in all his deeds, for Moshe placed his hand upon him, and all his character traits were our father’s elevated character traits—his Torah, his righteousness, his modesty and his leadership.” (Harav Shimon Sofer, Av Beis Din of Cracow, in his introduction to Shu”t Ksav Sofer).
At the end of his life, when his final illness overcame him, the Chasam Sofer placed his hands upon the head of his son the Ksav Sofer and blessed him upon his appointment to the rabbinate of Pressburg. He said: “Your grandfather Rabbi Akiva on your right, your grandfather Rabbi Shmuel Schotten Katz on your left; and an angel is over your head; and also I shall follow you and fulfill your words.” The Ksav Sofer later expressed that at the time the Chasam Sofer’s hands were upon his head it felt like a blazing fire.


At just 24 years of age, the Ksav Sofer succeeded his father, the venerable Chasam Sofer, as Rav, Av Beis Din and Rosh Yeshivah of Pressburg. For the next 33 years, the Pressburg Yeshivah thrived, expanded and flourished under his talented leadership, cultivating generations of Rabbanim who spread Torah wisdom and fear of heaven throughout Hungary. 
Pressburg, 1862. [1] title page + 6 leaves; 11 sides. Page size: 26 cm. Completely in his handwriting. Good condition with ornate new leather binding and gilded engravings.
The contents of this manuscript were subsequently printed in Chiddushei Ksav Sofer on maseches Ksubos by the Chasam Sofer Institute (Jerusalem, 1973) ppgs. 54-63.
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