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She’aris Yehuda
Salonika, 1600
Teshuvos by Rabbi Yosef Tiatchik

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She’aris Yehuda
Salonika, 1600
Teshuvos by Rabbi Yosef Tiatchik
Chiddushim and glosses on Beis Yosef Yoreh Deah, along with halachic rulings and teshuvos by both Rabbi Shmuel Tiatchik, author of Piskei Mar Shmuel, and his brother
Rabbi Yosef Tiatchik, author of Piskei Maharit. This work was printed by Rabbi Yehuda, son of Rabbi Shmuel Tiatchik.
Replete with chiddushei halachos, She’aris Yehuda was very popular among the Achronim. The author of Knesses Hagedolah cites the sefer over 100 times, and it is quoted extensively by the greatest Poskim amongst them the Shach, Pri Chadash, Pri Megadim and Birkei Yosef.
Rabbi Yosef Tiatchik of Salonika (circa 1470-1546) was one of the illustrious sages during the era of the Spanish Expulsion, and the spiritual master and teacher of the Alshich Hakadosh; Rabbi Shlomo Elkabetz, author of Lecha Dodi and other spiritual giants of the era. Rabbi Yosef Karo, who addressed many of his halachic queries to him, describes him as “The light and holiness of Israel, crown of Diaspora Jewry who is a flag for the nations and a siren of glory” (Shu”t Avkat Rochel Ch. 51) and cites him on several occasions in the Beis Yosef.
The author of Reishis Chochmah likewise writes in his sefer, “Shaar Hakedushah Ch. 7) that Rabbi Yosef Tiatchik did not sleep in his bed for forty years, and the Chida attests in Shem Hagedolim that he was taught by a heavenly angel, just like the Beis Yosef.
Rabbi Shmuel Tiatchik (d. 1562) Promiment Jewish scholar in 16th century Salonika. His signature appears on several documents alongside spiritual luminaries as the Beis Yosef (1533) who passed through Salonika on route to Eretz Yisrael.
Salonika, 1600. First edition. 84 leaves. Page size: 18 cm. Good condition. New leather binding.
The last page bears the impressive printer’s emblem of the renowned printer Mattisyahu Migeza Bat Sheva. The emblem features the forms of angels, an eagle and lion. Yaari, in Diglei Hamadpis HaIvriim p. 148 notes that Bat Sheva’s emblem was stamped with this design only in She’aris Yehuda and that in all other sefarim it appears in a smaller version without the printer’s name in the flag.
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