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Arba Turim - Augsburg, 1540

Handwritten Glosses by the Shiltei Giborim

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Arba Turim – Augsburg, 1540

Handwritten Glosses by the Shiltei Giborim

Arba Turim  – Augsburg, 1540, with Handwritten Glosses by Rabbi Yehoshua Boaz, Author of Shiltei Giborim. 

Commentary and glosses on the Tur by the holy hand of Rabbi Yehoshua Boaz, author of Shiltei Hagiborim, Ein Mishpat and Torah Ohr, which are found on all contemporary editions of Gemara. 

Rabbi Yehoshua Boaz’s glosses appear on the margins of the following pages: Orach Chaim 58b, 84b; Yoreh Deah 16b; Choshen Mishpat 7a, 10b, 11a, 24a, 26b, 29a, 31a, 32a, 38b, 39a, 39b, 40b, 41a, 42b, 43b, 40a.

These glosses have not been published.

he present copy of Arba Turim later belonged to his sons:
Rabbi Benayahu,
Rabbi Chanoch. The latter added a huge amount of his own annotations onto the pages of this sefer (list attached), several with his autograph: “ Chanoch ben Ish Chai Harav Rabbi Yehoshua Boaz Baruch ztvk”l” (Orach Chaim 8a-b).
Several glosses credit his father, such as the one on Orach Chaim 9a: “I heard this from my father and master Rabbi Yehoshua Boaz ztvk”l.”
Rabbi Yehoshua Boaz (1500-1555) was one of the great Italian sages during the post-Spanish Expulsion era, and his legacy remains in the pages of the Gemara and Ri”f.
His compositions Masores HaShas, Ein Mitzvah and Torah Ohr, printed in nearly all editions of the Gemara, set the layout of the talmud benefitting generations of students who enjoy his extensive scholarly knowledge until this very day. His Shiltei Hagiborim is prominently displayed on the pages of the Ri”f, and it is widely-acclaimed as a fundamental halachic work. The Rema in Shulchan Aruch, along with many later Poskim, cite this work extensively.
 Leaf 7 features a decorative title page made of ornate woodcuts. 
Arba Turim. Augsburg, 1540. Chaim Shachor Press. 84: 70: 44: 112 leaves. Page size; 29 cm. Index in front of sefer.Several annotations cropped at edges by bookbinder, and several are covered with paper fill. . The copy at the National Library of Jerusalem contains 2 additional leaves which do not appear in this copy ) Good condition. Half-leather Italian binding.
Inscribed on the title page- the autograph of Rabbi Benayahu son Rabbi Yehoshua : “ Granted from Hashem to his servant Benayahu of the house of Baruch son of Ish Chai Rabbi Yehoshua Boaz of the house of Baruch zvtvk”l.”
Rabbi Benayahu is mentioned by his father in his sefer Shiltei Hagiborim on maseches Avodah Zara (Leaf 97a in the pages of the Ri”f).
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