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Sefer “Kol Bo”, Soncino Print
Rimini, Italy 1525

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Sefer “Kol Bo”, Soncino Print
Rimini, Italy 1525
Sefer Kol Bo Fundamental halachic work by one of the Rishonim on year-round halachos as well as an early commentary on Haggadah Shel Pesach,
the identity of the Author has not been ascertained, the rulings of the Kol Bo are widely accepted and are cited frequently by Rabbi Yosef Karo both in the Beis Yosef and Shulchan Aruch.
This sefer was originally printed in Naples, Italy circa 1490, yet this Socino edition is an alternate version and was printed based on a different manuscript that is not
correlated with the Naples edition, and therefore this edition is important on its own 
The Rimini edition of Kol Bo was printed by the illustrious Jewish printer
Gershon Soncino who was famous for his meticulous printing, precision and beautiful printed books. Soncino’s print shop wandered throughout the Italian cities of Soncino, Case Maiori, Recco, Reisha, Pano and Pisarro until its final station in Rimini, North Italy.

Later in his life, Soncino immigrated to Salonika, and finally settled in Constantinople.

The title page of this work bears the printer’s emblem, which is designed as a fortress surrounded by a decorative border and verses. This emblem was first used by Soncino in Rimini in this sefer.
Rimini, Circa 1525. Gershom Soncino Press. [164] leaves. Page size: 28.5 cm.

Printer’s name and city listed in colophon. Border on title page slightly cropped on outer margins.

owners signatures appear on the title page and flyleaf. Worn antique leather binding.

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