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Rabbeinu Yerucham
First Edition. Constantinople, 1516

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Rabbeinu Yerucham
First Edition. Constantinople, 1516
Magnificent copy!


The sefer contains 3 sections:
Adam: Topics pertaining to Orach Chaim and Yoreh Deah
Chava: Topics pertaining to Even Ha’ezer
Meisharim: Topics pertaining to Choshen Mishpat
A complete, impressive copy bound in leather with ornate spine.
Rabbeinu Yerucham was a disciple of the Rosh and one of the greatest Rishonim. His work Toldos Adam v’Chava is regarded as a fundamental halachic work to the extent that there is barely a page in the Beis Yosef that doesn’t cite his teachings.
Halachic Fundamental
Constantinople, 1516. First edition. [14], 272: 122 leaves (index on first 14 leaves). Page size: 27 cm. The title page features a decorative border, with the printer’s emblem in the shape of a lion.
Antique owner’s signatures on title page. Several light stains. Margins of first and last pages reinforced and professionally restored.
Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #248
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