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Shu”t HaRan
First Edition. Rome, 1545

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Shu”t HaRan
First Edition. Rome, 1545
Shailos and Teshuvos by Rabbi Nissim Girondi, the Ran.
Tshuvos Hara”n is one of the fundamental sefarim in Halacha from the Rishonim and numbers along other sefarim of halachic responsa from the great rishonim as Teshuvos HaRashb”a, Teshuvos HaRos”h and the Tashbet”z
Rabbi Nissim Girdondi, the Ran (d. circa 1380) prime commentator of the Rif.Authored chiddushim on the Gemara and his commentary on maseches Nedarim is printed in all current gemaros. His lectures on drush were compiled in the sefer known as Drashos HaRan. The Ran’s disciple, the Rivash, wrote “His knowledge is wider than the sea, his intellect is pure and straight. There is no one who compares to him among all the sages of Yisrael” (Shu”t HaRivash Ch. 375).
Rome, 1545. First edition. 174 leaves [33] sides. Page size: 19.5 cm.
Distinguished provenance with important autographs.(see Hebrew description) Margins on the title page and other pages.  Beginning and end of the sefer professionally restored. New binding.
Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #268
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