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2-Volume Set of Machzorim in Sephardic-Chassidic Rite. Shapira Press. Zhitomir, 1865  2-volume

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2-Volume Set of Machzorim in Sephardic-Chassidic Rite. Shapira Press. Zhitomir, 1865

 2-volume set of machzorim in Nusach Sfard printed in large format (close to 30 cm!) in accordance with Chassidic customs. This set was printed by the righteous printers Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel, grandsons of the illustrious Slavita Rav.

This copy features extra-wide margins!

Machzorim in Nusach Sfard printed in the famous Zhitomir press by the Shapira family are rare collectibles! This machzor is not extant in the National Library in Jerusalem, and it is recorded in the Hebrew Bibliography as only a single volume.

This edition boasts commentaries in lashon hakodesh and German which was transcribed into modern Yiddish.

Vol. 1: High Holy Days – Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

Vol. 2: Three Festivals – Pesach, Shavuos & Succos. This second volume features illustrations of the signs of the zodiac in Tefillas Geshem.

Zhitomir, 1865. Shapira Press. Vol. 1: 133 leaves; Vol. 2: 154 leaves. Page size: 29 cm (large format!) The title of the sefer and printing location were printed in both volumes in red ink. The first 20 pages of Vol. 2 were reinforced at the upper corner margins. New leather bindings.

Shapira Press

Sefarim printed by the legendary Shapira family, grandsons of the saintly Admor Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz, were sought after by tzaddikim and chassidim of their generation, and many specifically sought to pray from the siddurim and machzorim printed by their holy hand.

“Therefore, one should strive to purchase sefarim printed by G-d-fearing men, and especially from the Slavita and Zhitomir Presses [owned] by the Admor of Koritz’s grandchildren, who were exalted printers” (Taharas Hakodesh Ch. 6 by the Shomer Emunim).
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