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The Kohein Gadol of Lublin  Handwritten Signature of Rav Tzadok Zt”l Sefer

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The Kohein Gadol of Lublin

 Handwritten Signature of Rav Tzadok Zt”l

Sefer Mifalos Elokim by Rabbi Don Yitzchak Abarbanel. Venice, 1592

With signature of the legendary Tzaddik Rav Tzadok Hakohein of Lublin

Following Signature appears on the title page:

 “Tzadok ben Hagaon Avi Mori V’Rabi Harav Yaakov Hakohein Ztllh”h”. 

Harav Tzadok Hakohein of Lublin (1823-1900) a unique and original chassidic master and thinker, Born into a lithuanian rabbinical family, was a prodigy at the age of 6 was known as the Iluiy from Krinik mastering shas and authoring his first seforim by the age of thirteen, few years after his marriage he met with the Ishbitzer rebbe’ and became his devoted Chassid and Talmid learning torah from him and from Rabbi Yehuda Leib Eiger, in the year 1888 after the passing of Rabbi Leib Eiger Rabbi Tzadok accepted the position of being Rebbe. 

Rabbi Tzadok’s teachings and  machshava are known for its original compelling chidushim captivating  the hearts and mind of many great Jewish Balei Machshava and Chasidim . His sefer Pri Tzaddik is regarded as one of the fundamental works of Chassidic kabbalah and thought


Venice, 1592. First edition. 96 leaves. Page size: 19 cm. Good condition. Leather binding.

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Harav Tzadok Hakohein’s Library

 With the passing of his father-in-law Rabbi Tzadok remained without income.

Unlike many Chassidic Rebbes, Harav Tzadok Hakohein refused to accept any pidyonos from his chassidim. And his livelihood was from a meager income his wife earned from her store. The only money he accepted were the 5 silver coins of pidyon haben, these monies were not exploited for personal use but rather dedicated exclusively to the purchase of seforim.

Rabbi Tzadok Hakohein’s amassed about 5000 books in his Jewish library and it was famous for its size, and for the pristine condition in which his seforim were kept – they seldom had a crease.

After his passing the Libary was placed in his Beis Medrash , during the Holocaust , the Beis Hamedrash  and all its contents were destroyed   ( Bromberg Migdolay  Hachasidus , vol 7 pg 103-104 )

This Sefer is a Remnant of this great Libary 

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