Letter From Reb Ahron Yosef Shmuel Halevi Segal Ab"d Trenshin And His Wife The Daughter Of The "Shaarai Torah"

        Letter from Reb Ahron Yosef Shmuel Halevi Segal Ab"d Trenshin to his son inlaw and daughter the great Reb Pesach Zinger and Chaya Faiga. The letter is also to his grandchildren Reb Wolf and Shaindel

in addition a letter from his wife Rebbetzin Sarah Yocheved, daughter of the great Reb Binyomin Wolf Verboy, author of "Shaarai Torah" 

They are two lengthy letters written in Yidish, in very good condition, dated 1873. The Gaon was the son of Reb Yechezkel Halevi Ab"d Trenshin and Unsdrof, author . of "Torat Yechezkel". Born 1806 . The disciple of Reb Elazar from Santov, the author of "Shemen Rokeach"' 

Became Rabbi of Trenshin with the instruction of the Chatam Sofer, and also corrusponded with the Chatam Sofer in learning. Some of his work has been printed in his father's book "Torat Yechezkel"