A Letter From Rabbi Yisroel Isserel Tauber-A Student Of The Chasam Sofer And Author Of Yerios Shlomo

A letter from Rabbi Yisroel Isserel Tauber-A student of the Chasam Sofer and author of Yerios Shlomo

A letter from Rabbi Yisroel Isserel Tauber to his Rabbi Hagaon Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ullman Chief leader of Jersey City, the author of Yerios Shlomo.

A letter of friendship with words of Torah and ideas from the sefer “Yerios Shlomo” that came into print at that time. It was recognizable from the letter that Rabbi Tauber had tremendous Honor for and admired his rebbe very much.

It is a long letter from the year 1857. Written on both sides of the page. An interesting letter.                    

Rabbi Yisroel Isserel Tauber was born in 1823(5617). He was a student of the Chasam Sofer (He went to study in his yeshiva at the age of 13, like it says in the introduction to his sefer “Ezrach Raanan”) the author of “Yerios Shlomo”, and Hagaon Rabbi Yechezkel Benet, chief leader of Nitra, he was a Rabbinical judge and preacher from the year 5611 untill he died in the year 5664.     

They printed “Ezrach Raanan” and “Mekor Yisroel” from his compositions.

His eulogy on the Chasam Sofer was printed in the sefer “kovetz Mayan Hatorah” year 2, issue 8-9