Letter From HaGaon Rabbi Aharon Baksht, AB”D Shavel

Letter from the Gaon Rabbi Aharon Baksht, AB”D Shavel to the Bais Din of Tel Aviv.

The letter dated 5700 (1940) is a request asking the Bais Din to assist a widow whose husband is residing in Tel Aviv and hasn’t sent any financial support in a while. The last line and signature is handwritten.

  Rabbi Baksht HY”D was one of the notable Litvishe Gedolim in the time of the Holocaust. He learned in the Volozhin and Slabodka Yeshivos and was a student of the Alter of Kelm. He was close to the Chofetz Chaim. He served as Rabbi in the cities of Shadova, Lomza and Shavel until he was brutally killed by the Nazis in the Shavli Ghetto in 1941.

(See Aleh Azkerah Vol 1, pp72-76)