Eliyahu Rabba-Zoltzbc ( 1757 )

Elya Raba Sulzbach 1757
The 1st edition of one of the most fundamental books on Jewish law
By Rabbi Elya Shapiro (1660-1712)
Also served as rosh yeshivah of the yeshivah in Prague
A very important & prominent authority in daily laws(orach chaim)
Who's work is still widely used today.

The title page is full of illustrations of biblical events such as Yakov's dream, Yitzchok blessing his sons Esau and Jacob . as well as illustrations of King David and king Salomon.

One of the most beautiful & impressive title pages of Ashkenazi prints.

The 1st page of the authors other book on yoreah deah, which was the only page to survive the tragic fire that occurred in Prague is printed at the back of the book.

Beautiful copy in excellent condition 
Antique leather binding

 [2]218[1]pages, 34cm