Chazon Ish- The First Part That Was Published- Vilna 1911

Chazon Ish the 1st volume to be printed –Vilna 1911

Novella and insights on "orach chaim" , Kodshim and the laws of Nidah

By Rabbi Avrohom Yeshayohu Karelitz

Who became famous to be known as the Chazon Ish.

1st edition

 128-2,[7] pages 34cm

Two title pages the 1st one is in blue print,

Excellent condition, with new binding.

The full name of author wasn't published in the 1st print only his initials in Cyrillic.

When the book was published the Chazon Ish was only 32 years old unknown to the Torah world it astonished the scholars at the time for it's depth and style. From then on the greatness of the Chazon Ish became known until he became the beacon of light of his generation.