"Bigdei Aharon": Frankfurt De Main 5470 (1710)

"Bigdei Aharon": Frankfurt de Main 5470 (1710)

Drashos and Explanations of the Parshios in the Torah

By the martyred Rabbi Aharon Darshan Teomim HY"D  AB"D of Worms and Krakow

Frankfurt de Main 5470 (1710)

Single edition

Good condition. Complete copy with a unique title page. illustrated entirely with dozens of figures of people, angels, flourishes and various ornaments.  

Owner's signature on title page: Aaron Trebitch of Prague

With a Haskamah, written by Rabbi David Oppenheim, who was given Semichah by the Mechaber.  

When Rabbi Aharon Teomim headed the Krakow Kehillah, the community had accumulated huge debts.  While visiting Chmielnik presumably to raise funds, he was attacked by bandits on Shabbos on the 2nd day of Av 5450 (July, 8, 1690) and murdered. (See Sefer "Kelilas Yofi" by Rabbi Ch. N.  Dembitzer and check the index of the Sefer "Yesh Manchilin" by Rabbi Pinchas Katzenellenbogen,  AB"D Boskowitz. In addition, in the end of the Sefer  "Chelkei Avanim"  see the "Sh"Ut Nishal Dovid.")