Chassidut : “Tzelusa DeAvraham”: Ostrau (5581) 1821

“Tzelusa DeAvraham”: Ostrau (5581) 1821

Innovations and deep discussions on ‘Shas’, mainly on ‘Seder Nashim’, with compilations on the Parshiot at the end.

From Rabbi Moshe Avraham Abush Margulious chief Rabbi of Zavena.

The innovations in the sefer are extremely deep and the author of “Amek Hashidim” wrote in his introduction that he heard that they compared the author’s innovations to the innovations of “Maharam Shif”.

{Ostrau, 5581 1821}

  1. 99 pages. 32 cm. on blue paper, This Sefer was owned by the Admor Rabbi Shlomo Friedman from Tchortkov, his seal is on the title page. Bound in a beautiful leather binding.


The author was the brother and Rabbi of Hagaon Rabbi Meir Margolious the author of “Meir Netivim” He was from the first men that became close to the “Baal Shem Tov” He was the grandfather-in-law of Hagaon Rabbi Dovid Shlomo Eibshitz the author of “Levushai Srad” that married his granddaughter.


The writings were given over to the author of the “Levushai Srad”. He set up the writings and also added his own innovations and analogies in order to explain the author’s words. He wrote a long introduction in the beginning of the sefer. There is also an agreement from the author’s nephew Rabbi Betzalel Margulious chief Rabbi of Ostrau.


Bibliography: Stefansky, Chasidut 499. Lieberman in his sefer ”Ohel Rochel” (Part 1 page459) He claims that it was printed in Sudlikov, although it's not seen there.