"Genazym" offers all interested parties, a variety of spiritual treasures. Printed books from the start of Hebrew printing in the fifteenth century, in every possible field. From Basic books to books of Prayer, Bibles, Jewish law, Kabbala, Chasidut, books on grammar, illustrated books, medicine and other sciences Manuscripts" : parchment or paper in any area or subject that appeals to you. Compositions on all sections of the Torah and Jewish knowledge, Letters from Great leaders, righteous Chassidim, and famous personalities throughout Jewish history. Documents of historical value, historical community books and community Ledgers. Printed books that many great Jewish leaders learnt from and added HAGAOS ,Books that are adorned by their signatures of Gedolay-Yishrael and dedications on books written by famous authors.

"Genazym" in its current form is indeed new, but it was founded and run by experts in Jewish Antiques, with a rich and varied experience, who are dealing in this profession for over thirty years. "Genazym" will hold sales from time to time, in addition to the gallery displayed on the site which will be updated every now and then and is worth following!

Introduces some fresh and innovative ideas in the field of public sales."Genazym" * The usual practice in auction houses around the world is to charge a commission from the buyer and seller of 18-25%. "Genazym" is the only auction house in the world that will not take a commission. The final price that is determined in the sale will be the actual price that the buyer will pay. Guaranteed! * Genazym allows clients to request specific items in the area of interest and will make every effort to answer our clients requests and achieve the wanted item. * we employ regularly experienced professionals in their field, and all items without exception will be examined and assessed by them carefully. You can give us any item for review, interpretation and evaluation of price - with no obligation. We will be happy to meet with our costumers continuously. Please register in order to receive messages and updates through e-mail.